Reasons to shop from us!

Northwest Glass Pumpkins are created by hand from Glassblowers here in Tacoma, WA. Each pumpkin is a unique work of art that is signed by TGS and dated. Because each pumpkin will be unique, the one you order and receive may not be exactly the same as the photo. Thank you in advance for being unique by buying original! American glassblowers, especially those here at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio thank you.

Some pumpkins we may have in stock and some may need to be created after your order. For this reason, some orders can take up to two weeks to recieve.

You can visit our main website to purchase blown glass pumpkins at

A Portion of all pumpkin sales are going to help Children here in Tacoma and internationally through Kidstown. To learn more check out our Pumpkin Patch page. *********************************************************

At our glass pumpkin patches, we have SO many more color choices, sizes, shapes, price ranges and one of a kinds that are not represented here on this website. If you can not make it to one of events, we thank you in advance for shopping online! *********************************************************